Who Is Sending You A Bill?

One of the first considerations in resolving a medial bill that you have received is determining the source of the bill and this generally falls into 2 categories. The bill will typically come either from the original “creditor” or …… the provider of the medical service OR it may come from a collection agency.


It is important to pay close attention to terms and phrasing that may be used. Some providers may use the term “collection department” and this is likely intentional but may not necessarily mean that your account has been referred to a collection agency. It may be used in the context of “collecting payments due” however with the purpose of creating a sense of urgency or concern. Certain words or identification are required under Federal Law. For example, a collection agency must identify the original ceditor and provide a statement that “this is an attempt to collect a debt”. If the second satement is not prominent, it is likely not from a collection agency OR the communication may be in violation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.